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Dustin Brown Workshops at Yoga Tree Perth

Dustin is the visionary and founder behind Warrior One Yoga, a bespoke yoga studio in Brighton, Melbourne. Dustin grew up in Kauai, Hawaii and after travelling the world as a professional surfer he settled in Melbourne with his wife, Nova. He is a dedicated yogi, vedic meditator, yoga teacher, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and wellness warrior who is making waves in the yoga world! Dustin is an ambassador for global brand Lululemon Athletica and Boys of Yoga, a global movement helping to bring more guys to the mat.
As a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt athlete- training, coaching and competing within Australia and Internationally, Dustin brings his martial arts and surfing background to his yoga practice. Through his dedication to his daily personal yoga practice, Dustin has found strength, flexibility, increased recovery, body awareness and an overall balanced lifestyle. His teaching style encourages exploring the potential of the body through the practice of mindful movement. Dustin is a qualified yoga teacher of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Acrovinyasa® and Yoga Tune Up®.

Flexibility - Delve Deeper - Friday 24th November - 7.15 - 9.15pm

This workshop is designed for anyone working on becoming more flexible, especially if you are not a naturally flexible person or a very inflexible person. We will explore several different ways stretch, to include dynamic stretching, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) and Yin style stretching.Improve your flexibility, mobility and stability in the right places using safe and effective techniques whether you are an absolute beginner, an advanced yogi or you have a specific goal in mind.

All levels of practice are welcome!

Investment: $50 (10% off for YTP My Yoga Members) Book here: 

Location: Yoga Tree Perth - 7/200 Winton Rd, Joondalup

Yoga Tune Up® – Erase Back Pain - Saturday 25th November 12.15 - 2.15pm

Tired of the aching neck and back pain? Too much sitting negatively impacts our whole bodies and especially our backs. If you live with chronic back pain, stiffness, disc damage or just nagging discomfort, this workshop is for you. We’ll begin by teasing out tense tissues with self-myofascial release of the neck, back and hips (a partner in crime for lower back tension), and then intelligently explore novel movement to restore suppleness and promote strength that will support your body throughout the day.

You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of your personal postural habits and how to take daily care of your hardworking spine. In this workshop you will learn the best stretches and strengthening exercises to relieve your neck pain as well as take home methods that will help you care for your neck, upper back and shoulders.Join Dustin for a full-body ‘rolling’ session followed by a guided focused breathing meditation which will allow you to experience a state of deep, conscious relaxation. Think of this workshop as stress relief oasis, a place where you’ll learn self-massage techniques using the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to soften the muscles and fascia of your stress zones.

No yoga experience necessary. Students of all levels are welcome.

Investment: $50 (10% off for YTP My Yoga Members) Book here: 

Location: Yoga Tree Perth - 7/200 Winton Rd, Joondalup