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Joana is a mum of 3 little boys, as well as a wellness coach for the last 9 years. Her mission is to help people be healthier and happier. She believes in a total approach being mindset, nutrition & exercise. In the last 9 years she has so far helped 7,000 people with their health, & globally trained over 50,000 people on living a healthy active lifestyle. After injuring her neck & finding being a busy mum working from home, her fitness & core strength wasn’t where it needed to be. After loving bikram yoga in the past, Joana attended her first Core & Hot Pilates class. She loves the music & higher pace to just have fun and get a great workout in. She says, “The physical transformation for my body & my recovery plus the community at yoga tree... I’m just in love!” Joana is now qualified in Core & Hot Pilates, is so grateful to Jo, Robbie & all the instructors for their mentoring & extremely excited to be teaching at Yoga Tree.
You can find Joana at:
Or on Instagram: joanaguyonnet

Joana instructs the following:
  • Core+ Hot Pilates (45 mins)
  • This dynamic class incorporates traditional mat pilates exercises, plus a revolutionary mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight work to strengthen your core and tone your body.

    Each class will follow a similar sequence but the order and focus will vary from class to class. The room is heated to 30 degrees, to maximise your workout.

    It will be one of the best workouts you’ve had and will leave you feeling energised and inspired!