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Jean-Paul moved to Perth from the Seychelles Islands in 2005. He tried out Bikram yoga and after the first class vowed never to come back, as he was on his knees for most of the class. But strangely felt this intense feeling of bliss later that night. He decided to try bikram again the next week - eventually was planning his day around Bikram.

Bikram bought a lot of clarity to Jean-Paul’s life. There became a clear separation between work and home life, he had a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life, and became a happier person generally.

When his local studio started offering vinyasa classes. It blew him away. Eventually Vinyasa become his main practice. Six months later he was drawn into the teacher-training program. Midway through the training, he realised teaching was something he truly loved doing. Jean-Paul teaches Vinyasa in addition to his day job. He loves the balance.

Jean-Paul instructs the following:
  • Hot Flow (Vinyasa)
  • Hot Flow yoga is a dynamic sequence of postures that guide you consciously into your breath and out of your mind to lead you to a more authentic, powerful and content life. The routines are a vigorous, yet empathetic form of exercise that transforms the body, challenges the mind and allows the heart to unleash the true spirit within us all. Hot Flow is inspired by the ancient yogic teachings of Hatha Yoga but is also given in a common sense approach to teaching its postures to Western civilisation. The classes are a way for modern day people to be free of the aches and pains in their bodies, start to calm their mind and become happier and healthier people in today’s stressful world.
    The room is heated to 30 degrees and our team of trained teachers are committed to speaking to the hearts and minds of every student, taking them on a journey of self-discovery that builds muscular strength and endurance, improves functional flexibility and agility, while also improving cardiovascular activity and fat burning. Poses are held for 1 breath up to 1.5min each. The class moves dynamically for the first ¾ then, slows down for longer deep hip release towards the end.

    This fun and addictive class is also blended with a modern day philosophy of how to live life authentically and consciously, both on, and off the mat - cultivating a healthy body, quiet mind, open hearth and vibrant spirit.

  • Hot Flow (Vinyasa)
  • Flow yoga is a dynamic form of asana movement synchronising breath with movement, evolved from the original teachings of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. It awakens strength, energy, cardiovascular activity and flexibility in a fun atmosphere, whilst sweating it out in a nice 32-34°C. The classes start dynamically with fluid movements and breathing, slowing towards the end into longer posture holds, allowing for a deep release. This fun and addictive class is also blended with a modern day philosophy of how to live life authentically and consciously, both on and off the mat, cultivating a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit.