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The Latest News from Yoga Tree Perth


Yoga and Sacred Sound ~ The road to freedom through Ho'oponoopono

Release Blockages through Deep Hip & Heart Opening Practice.
A synergistic blending of yoga asana and sound, delving deeply into the hips & heart. An opportunity to release the blockages that are holding you back, “make it right” & help you find your way to liberation (moksha). Utilising ho’oponoopono concepts this healing workshop will foster reconciliation within the body, forgiveness & self love. For it is with the Self that all healing begins and ends.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Saturday JULY 9th: 1pm to 3pm

At Yoga Tree Perth Joondalup 7/200 Winton Road Joondalup
$55pp (10% discount for YTP members)

Purchase HERE: 


January and Mandi are so excited to be working with each other again and doubly excited to be invited back to offer some more Medicinal yoga at Yoga Tree Perth!

This Workshop is a Deep Hips & Heart Immersion, synergistically incorporating a seamless integration of Asana, Sacred Sound, Breath, Mantra and Aromatherapy.

Guided by Mandi J Nelson Cert 4, 500hr Yoga Teacher & Medicinal Sound Weaver January. A Powerful, Magical Offering of assistance to healing through sound, movement, breath, aromatherapy, mantra and loving intention.

Our hips, the biggest joint in the body, often are known as the 'rubbish drawer of the body' as they are said to store stagnant emotional energy, due to the limitations upon movement that a 'normal' lifestyle offers.This Integrated Immersion - a five pronged approach - with carefully selected asana may allow your hips the opportunity to release the blockages that are holding you back, allowing the Prana to flow freely though, opening the Self to all kinds of wondrous new pathways. The practice of Ho’oponoopono will equip you with tools required to release ‘stories': your stories, your family stories, ancestral stories and help you on the road to liberation - moksha.

Utilising Beautiful Music provided by Medicinal Sound Healer January of January’s Light, the Peaceful Mantra of Ho'oponopono, Ylang, Ylang and Geranium Oils, this is a healing workshop fostering reconciliation within the body, forgiveness and self love. It is suitable for all.

So very much looking forward to sharing intent space and energy with you for this very special offering ♥


More About January:
Music is the medicine of the heart and January's work embodies the essence of the work. She grew up on an island in South East Asia (Cebu) where she picked up the traditional music of her mother land and found her love in an instant. Through experience and years of working on her craft January has found her inner voice and originality by exploring and touching different aspects of music work. Due to her transparency and flexibility she is able to work on different levels and genres of music including Sound Healing, Shamanic, Kirtan, Easy Listening and what is needed in the moment. January also works at the hospice offering her time and music for those that need assisting in transition as well as teaching singing and hosting sound healings.
January's work is expanding and her presence in community is growing, support her work by coming and sharing yourself with Januarys magic. She spends her time travelling between Bali, Hawaii and Australia.

More about Mandi:
Mandi trained at Byron Bay Yoga Centre with John Ogilvie as a teacher in the Purna style of yoga (8 limbs) - a hatha based, alignment-focused practice combining breath, meditation, philosophy and asana.She teaches regular 'sacred fusion' classes and workshops in Perth & Byron Bay (Australia), Bali (Indonesia) Siem Reap (Cambodia) and India. Qualified 200 hours, 500 hours and Certificate IV in yoga asana, meditation, breath and philosophy. ivHDD Chair Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Counsellor and Transition Guide, Ceremony with Death and Rite of Passage.

Mandi often attends sound healings', women circles and spiritual advancement groups and maintains a daily yoga and meditation practice.

She has practiced many styles of yoga over the many years of practice (1st practice at 8!)- including iynegar, ashtanga, bikram, vinyasa, yin, kundalini, flow, power and restorative. Her favourite is always "the one she is practicing right now".

A self-confessed spiritual seeker, healer & spiritual midwife - working as a facilitator with transitions,meditation, through the eye of a lens with photography & videography, she is also an independent film-maker, website designer and humanitarian, often working voluntarily on projects close to her heart.

To learn more about Mandi, visit her website at or

More About Ho'oponopono
"What is 'Ho'oponopono,'" you may be asking yourself? "Why I can't even say it, let alone have ever heard of it!"

Ho'oponopono, pronounced "hoh oh pohno pohno," is, an ancient Hawaaian practice to make profound and lasting changes in your life, to find peace. Ho'oponopono assists you in establishing a direct connection to the Divine consciousness that exists within all of us. It teaches you how to make that connection deep and permanent. It has the potential to co-create absolute miracles in your life, if you are willing to embrace the concept.


Get ready to play upside down!!

These are absolutely awesome!!! Be sure to not miss the next one on Saturday 2nd July - 2.30pm start.

Did you know that inversions are incredible for the body? Not only do they give you a complete new perspective on your body and the world, but they are also healing and rejuvenating.

Paul will be teaching drills and techniques from the Ido Portal Method. These once a month workshops are open to all levels (Beginner to Advanced) and you can come along to one session or all of them.



'These 55 minute classes are seriously upbeat and incorporate traditional mat pilates exercises, plus a revolutionary mix of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and weight work to strengthen your core and tone your body.  Each class will follow a similar sequence but the order and focus will vary from class-to-class.  Suitable for all fitness levels, these classes are high-energy and great fun thanks to a playlist of inspiring beats.  Plus, you’ll burn calories and detoxify your body as each class is performed in a thermo-controlled room at 30-34 degrees with 40% humidity.  It will be one of the best workouts you’ve had and will leave you feeling energised and inspired!'


Monday 12;15pm (45 min class)
Tuesday 5.30pm
Wednesday 9.30am & 7.30pm
Thursday 6.00am
Friday 4.30pm
Saturday 9.00am
Sunday 3.30pm

YIN YOGA CLASSES - What and When ?


Yin Yoga is a simple and quiet meditative practice that allows the cultivation of mindfulness, inward focus and surrender. With consistent practice, the level of mindfulness and ability to surrender developed in yin can carry over and deepen the yang practice.

You can find more information about Yin Yoga right here 


Monday 7.30 pm
Wednesday 11.00 am & 6.00 pm
Friday 11.00 am
Saturday 10.30 am
Sunday 5.00 pm

Guided Meditation 2016


Sundays 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

14th February (Free Class)
13th March
17th April
15th May
12th June
10th July
7th August
11th September
9th October
13th November


'My Yoga' and 'Annual' members - FREE!
Non-members/casual class - $22/$19* per class (*concession price with appropriate identification)

Comfort Note:

Please bring a yoga mat, cushion, blanket or pillow for extra comfort as you may wish to sit or lie down for the class.

Purchase your pass here

Any questions? Please see reception or contact: for more details.



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